Student Leadership

Student leadership is an experience which is highly valued by the whole school community. Students experience a range of opportunities within the classroom to develop their leadership skills but we also have key leadership positions for Primary Students in the role of Student Council.

The Primary Student Council has representatives from each class (Years 2-6). There is a defined process for the election and selection of the Primary Section’s Student Council members (PSTUCO). The representatives serve as the link between the classrooms and the Primary Student Council. PSTUCO’s function is to bring student ideas and concerns to the school administration as well as helping to coordinate and organise events throughout the year. Regular meetings are held to discuss fundraising events and school activities and two Primary Teachers act as advisors to PSTUCO.  As such, they are the leaders of student action. The Primary Student Council supports Kids for Kids (, Dar Al Mustagbal Orphanage, the French Sudanese Friendship School and Khartoum Chesham Home.

Leadership take many forms and all of our students are encouraged to be leaders in different areas throughout their time at KICS. This is especially true when students enter the IBDP programme where leadership is an expectation of students.

The Secondary Student Council (STUCO) is a democratically elected body of students with representatives from each class (Years 7-13). The student representatives act as the link between the student body and the secondary leadership team.

STUCO has its own constitution and procedures with a number of committees that oversee aspects of STUCO’s activity. STUCO’s function is to bring student ideas and concerns to the school administration as well as helping to coordinate events throughout the year. The STUCO executive works directly with the Head of the Secondary Section to facilitate change, advocate for student’s rights and organize activities for students within the community.

Each house has middle school and high school team captains that help run the house teams. These students are chosen by the house coordinator in conjunction with faculty who are aligned to each house. The House Captains help organize teams for competitions and events, usually with the help or advice of an organising teacher or team.

In addition, we also have a significant number of clubs and committees that have a specific area of responsibility from peer mentoring to recycling.