Student Support Services

The school has a dedicated learning support service and both guidelines and a formalized procedure for referring students to this service has been developed.

SSS department is to support the Heads of Sections in ensuring that the school meets the learning needs of each student. The SSS teachers are committed to supporting students, teachers, administrators and parents with the attitudes, skills, direction and resources necessary for successful academic progress and personal growth.

Supporting English as an Additional Language at KICS
The language of instruction at Khartoum International Community School is English.  In order to help students who do not have an adequate working knowledge of English, the School will provide English as an Additional Language support programme.

The Board recognizes that many KICS students operate fluently in more than one language.  However, the school requires that all students declare at least one first language for the purpose of instruction and external examination.
(Board of Governors Policy No's 6.110 refer)

EAL (English as an Additional Language)
Every KICS student is assessed at Admission. Students who may require English Language support are additionally assessed and leveled using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students who are identified as being EAL (B1-B2) will be required to enroll English as a language option until they achieve English language proficiency (B2). Student English proficiency is assessed upon enrollment, and at the end of each semester, scores are communicated with parents as part of reporting. Student progress through the EAL program to proficiency differs depending upon the age of student, first language, personality, home support  and exposure to English.

Exiting the Programme
Students are exited from the programme when they are speaking, reading and writing at a High B2 level. The decision to exit a student from the programme is made by the EAL teacher and the classroom teacher in consultation with the parents. The decision is based on a combination of observation, objective test scores and demonstrated student competence in a classroom setting. The final decision is made by the Student Support Services Coordinator after considering all exit documentation.

Gifted and Talented Programme
The Gifted and Talented Programme provides academic challenge to students by offering:

- Diagnostic testing to identify gifted and talented students to determine upper levels of achievement.
- Will, on request, assist students with individual goal setting and/or student initiated special projects designed to extend the student's interests.
- Collaborative consultation with classroom teachers to facilitate in-class extension activities.
- Curriculum compacting and enrichment lessons to meet all the learners needs, offered by the class teacher in the regular classroom.

IB Diploma Programme
Based on a recommendation from the IB Diploma Coordinator, Learning Support will provide IB Diploma Programme students with a medium for requesting assistance in any area where the student needs extra support.

Learning Support Programme
The Learning Support programme offers the following services for students who demonstrate mild-moderate learning differences:

- Diagnostic evaluation.
- Monitoring of the student's classroom performance.
- Collaborative consultation with teachers to facilitate instructional modifications.
- Communication with parents regarding their child’s programme and progress.
- Short-term individual and small group instruction to support the regular classroom curriculum.
- Development of Individual Action Plans (IAP) for students who continue to experience difficulties after interventions have been implemented and to those who require additional modifications to their educational programme.

All matters relating to learning support of students in the school should be dealt with in the strictest confidence.
(Board of Governors Policy No's 6.020, 6.052 refer)