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The Secondary Section at KICS constitutes Years 7-13 (ages 11-18), or US Grades 6-12. 

The curriculum in Secondary is focused on an inquiry-based learning approach that meets the specific needs of individual students. We fully believe that students learn best when they are happy, enjoy their learning and feel respected as individuals. We encourage students to take an active part in their own learning process, to set goals, to be independent learners and to evaluate their own progress. 

Students in Years 7-9 undertake an inquiry-based programme based around the IMYC programme which will help prepare them for externally examined curricular in years 10-13. The IMYC is a challenging, internationally minded and concept-focused curriculum, which helps develop engaged and active learners. With specific subject and personal learning goals, it provides a clear structure to develop knowledge, skills and understanding whilst making subject learning more connected. 

The year 10 and 11 students focus on Pre-IB courses that are tailored around the Cambridge International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSEs). Students study for between 9 and 11 IGCSE subjects which they take at the end of year 11. 

The curriculum in years 12 and 13 is focused on preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. This programme is widely recognised as the premier post 16 education programme and it has allowed students to secure places at some of the most prestigious universities around the world along with preparing them for the world ahead, with several activities, at its core, designed to develop the whole person. Students aiming to study in the USA are also able to study for and take the SAT exams as we are one of only two registered centres in Sudan. 

We value the development of the student as a whole. In addition to their regular classes, students undertake various projects, such as a Personal Project as well as having the opportunity to partake of numerous extra-curricular activities, clubs and societies, as well as participate in sports competitions and artistic pursuits such as drama productions and music concerts. All students take part in an Outdoor Education Programme, culminating in a Leadership expedition to Thailand in Year 12.

We have a commitment to pastoral care through our Homeroom system and each student receives individual attention to ensure his/her wellbeing. We aim for students to feel valued, inspired and motivated to achieve their full potential.

I hope this website provides you with a taste of the energy and excitement at our school. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit the school.


Andrew Lisle

Head of Secondary


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