CAS Project-24 Hour on-foot relay

It was with nervous anticipation that a group of Year 12 CAS students took on the task of organizing our first 24hr on-foot relay here at KICS two weeks ago. Whether it was running, sprinting, skipping or even some backwards walking, our whole community managed to keep our relay sash moving around the school field for 24 whole hours. From our youngest community members who came out in their diapers and strollers, right through juniors, seniors, teachers and parents, the team was so encouraged to see so many people out on the track.


Overall, we managed to go around the field a total of 801 times and raised money for our various causes. The students who have been fundraising for our support staff mammogram program were happy to complete their fundraising goals during the relay. The other two education causes, our local Khartoum schools projects and the Darfur school build in partnership with Verdala International School and the Migrant Women Association Malta, received a total of 24000SDG. This was raised through donations towards the relay and the raffle to guess how many times we would make it around the field.


A special mention must also be made of our midnight runners, our elementary classes, supportive administration and the maintenance staff who set up everything we needed to keep going all through the night.


A big thank you to everyone who helped keep the sash going and our team motivated!  What a difference a day makes!


Ms Danielle Vanrooyen