Y12 IB Chemistry SL students make rockets.

After a unit on stoichiometry, students used what they had learned to create rockets out of plastic bottles. Omer’s rocket went the highest and furthest and this is how he said he did it “The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2 to 1. To be able to divide the bottle into three parts we had to fill it with water, measure that amount, find two thirds of it then fill the bottle with that amount of water and mark it. Then comes the harder part of filling the bottle with only hydrogen and oxygen. That is done through displacement of water through a tray filled with water and a tube from the bottle underwater and the conical flask where the reaction to produce hydrogen is made. We filled it up to two thirds then did the same with oxygen. Closed the bottle while it’s still in water and we’re done”.(Omer Amir Abdelrahman)