ODE - Year 7

Day 1
We had a great first day, although I had to shorten the walk as some students struggled from the start of the walk. We managed to pitch our tents quickly and the girls even managed to setup a second tent which they used as their “walk-in closet”, so posh. Everybody made some food, and we enjoyed the millions of stars and the incredible Milky Way. We played a game called “and the stories goes….”. We also reflected on the day using a thorn and rose technique. We sent everybody to bed at 9. It did not mean they slept at 9 though! 

Day 2
Good morning. The first night we had a good night. Nice and cool.
We did a 3.5km run or walk in the morning and had a nice breakfast. The students had to transport a “wounded” student up the small sand dunes with their own made stretchers. With the same materials they had to build a shelter as it was getting hot. They had to chill under the shelters for a few hours and entertain themselves with stories and games.  As soon as the sun was setting we played some team building games and the teachers got ready for the second round of cooking as it was our turn to provide the students with a dinner. 

After dinner we made a campfire and played another reflective round of “Thorn and Roses”. It was a long and hot day and as soon as their heads hit the pillow, they slept like babies.

Day 3
I am always surprised by how quickly the students are ready to go home when they know the buses are coming. Even the 2km's was done quick. Maybe next year we have to walk 4km's.

You can be very proud of your children as it was an ODE in a harsh environment but they all stayed strong. They showed perseverance and determination. Well done.

Account from Mr Gerben Silvis (ODE coordinator)