On the 7th of November 2018, the 13th annual KICSMUN conference was declared officially open under the theme of ‘Empowering Human Development in an Increasingly Globalized Society’. Six local schools joined us here at KICS: Avinash Academy, Holmes English Medium School, Ivory Private School, Khartoum American School, Nile Valley School and Unity High School. Students from these schools embarked on four days of vigorous debate as they attempted to solve the world’s most trying issues. This year’s KICSMUN conference highlighted and reaffirmed the importance of building global citizens, approaching conflicts through diplomatic measures and finding innovative and peaceful solutions to controversial topics.

Students began preparing for this conference weeks in advance. After assigning each student a country, they were to abide by its foreign policy, and in turn, they disregard their own personal opinions on the issues. This can prove to be very difficult during debate, especially if the topic debated is particularly sensitive (it usually is) or increasingly controversial. However, it pushes the delegates to become more open-minded. As they look at the issues at hand through these different lenses, they learn to reassess, evaluate and question claims. They branch out of their personal opinions on different matters and start examining topics on a more holistic scale; they not only explore their own foreign policy on issues, they investigate other countries’ stances on the topic as well which further reinforces the analytic and evaluative skills delegates adopt throughout their preparation for the conference.

In this year’s KICSMUN conference, there were four councils: Advisory Panel, The Economic and Social Council, Historical Security Council and The Security Council. While Historical Security Council and Security Council tackle issues relating to peace and security in different time frames, the past and the present, The Economic and Social Council addresses issues of environmental and socio-economic importance. This conference’s wild card was the Advisory Panel as it has different methods of procedure than other councils.

This year’s conference not only highlighted the importance of international mindedness, it also stressed the importance of local collaboration. By having these different schools involved in the conference, teenagers across schools in Sudan were brought together to cooperate in finding solutions to these global issues. This conference broke down the barriers between the international community and local cohesiveness.