Y10 Work Experience

This year, due to the civil unrest, we were unable to send our Year 10s off campus for work experience. We improvised and provided students with some on-campus options in the morning including Hospitality in the Cafeteria, Week Without Walls with the Years 7-9 and Library Skills. We aimed to expose the students to different types of skills required in any workplace when working with other people, including communication, self-management and social skills. Following the morning activity, all of the Year 10s gathered for a Career Talk or Career Skill development session. After lunch, students had ODE with Mr. Ben. 

On Sunday we welcomed former Alumnus Dr. Iman Moawia (KICS Class of 2013), who recently graduated from King’s College London with a degree in Medicine. She spoke to the students about her path towards Medicine and what it was like to be in the medical field. On Monday the KICS College Counsellors held a session with them on the importance of effective and respectful communication in the workplace (and at school!). On Tuesday we had the Year 10s do a personality test called True Colours, which is aimed at helping identify an individual’s interests and passions when investigating various careers. On Wednesday we welcomed Alumnus Mr. Mohamed M. Mukhtar, (KICS Class of 2010), who graduated in 2014 from the University of Southampton, UK, with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He is the co-founder of Empower, Sudan, a renewable energy company that specialises in Solar Energy solutions. Mohamed spoke about his path to Engineering as well as the various types of engineering available. On Thursday we welcomed Alumnus Mr. Tarek Malzer, (KICS Class of 2012), who also graduated from the University of Southampton UK, with a degree in Management. He is the co-founder of Empower, Sudan with Mohamed. 

As disappointing as it was for the Year 10s to not be able to go into a place of work, we believe that the students benefited from and enjoyed the week.