The Outdoor Education trip is an exciting event in Year 3. It is the first ODE trip for students, and they get to venture out together for a night under the stars. This year was a great experience for all, especially after students felt disappointed with a delayed trip due to events in our community. Many new skills were learned including planning a menu, packing a backpack, hiking with a loaded pack, putting up and taking down a tent, and cooking on a camp stove. Some students even bartered food items for dinner after raw eggs were broken in transit! The students enjoyed playing games (flashlight tag proved a favorite!) and completing group challenges on the field. A special thank you goes to Mr. Ben and Mr. Hussein who led and supported the trip. Year 3 students all showed great cooperation, independence, and respect for each other during this fun and adventurous ODE campout on the KICS field. 


Abby Cross and Joanne Butler

Y3 Teachers