One week of the year we dedicate and celebrate our love of reading with guest speakers and an entertaining character parade.

Book Week is a week of collaboration and unity, uniting parents and teachers from all over the school who volunteer their time to read and do activities with primary students. The wonderful world of reading comes alive with fun activities.  In primary students create innovative pictures where they portray themselves reading in extreme situations. Teacher’s pose hidden behind books for students to guess who’s reading and the challenging trivia game, Flagmania, empowers students to learn the different flags and capital cities of countries on a specific continent.

On the last day of Book Week, Little KICS to Year 6 students show their love of reading by parading around the whole school dressed as characters from books. Primary teachers entertainingly act out a play of a popular children’s picture book for students to enjoy. 

In the secondary section students have the opportunity to partake in fun activities every day from decorating a cake on the theme of Harry Potter, joining a quiz, dressing as a character,  or solving the murder mystery of who killed Mr Rob there is always plenty to do.  Book Week highlights the importance of literacy, student agency and creativity that we believe encourages a love of reading and learning.