Year 4 ODE

This year the year 4’s went to KICS Stables to spend the night in the great outdoors. The trip started by trying to fit all their stuff in the school provided backpack.  The backpacks were packed to the top (enough for a week of camping) and we could barely fit everything in the two buses. 
They hiked from the main entrance to the stables were they were involved in a treasure hunt and cuddle session with the horses. We continued our walk and pitched our tents at the JB gardens. Setting up the tent required true collaboration and communication. The girls did really well and had to help the boys with setting up their tent. A blindfold challenge increased their camaraderie and communication skills. 
As the night fell the students prepared their meals on a small little stove and competed in a "MasterChef challenge”. Its always surprising what students can produce and eat after a day of activities. We finished the day with a campfire and YESSSS the famous ODE marshmallows.  
The sun rises early in Sudan so at 5am the students were running around and at 7 we had packed up everything. A introduction to navigation and the compass rose followed before we started the hike back to the main gate.  
The students came home very tired, but happy!  It was so much fun!