Service Learning

In the past couple of weeks, we have invited our partner schools over for a sports event and for the rehearsals of Charlie Brown. The students were happy to have been able to join and be exposed to different activities that we often take for granted. During the football games, they had a chance to play against different teams on ‘real’ grass. They did not have their own school t-shirts so the had the ability to barrow KICS shirts. They showed true sportsmanship and had a good time being amongst the other children. Before they went into the Charlie Brown rehearsals, they were taken along to see the protestors’ artworks and this was a true eye opener for them. Our students had a chance to meet with them and talk a little bit about the art together. During the play, they laughed and seemed to understand the humor offered. They fairly enjoyed themselves and it was a good way for our children to practice in front of a real audience. By including the students into our community we try to build a mutual relationship and offer them some exposure to matters that they might not necessarily get to enjoy.


Ms Wendy Bekkenk