Board of Governors

The KICS Board of governors is a self-perpetuating, appointed body. The members of the Board are appointed by the KICS Board of Trustees and are charged with upholding the mission of the school. The Chairman of the KICS Board of Governors is Chairman of DAL Group. The Board is comprised of 8 to 10 members.

In the photo (Left to Right):

Dr. Ronnie Shaoul                                          
Exec. Manager - DAL Food Division / Honorary Consul of Ireland

Mrs. Shahabno Lodhi
Mindfulness Practitioner & Facilitator

Mr. Rohit Mishra                                    
CFO - DAL Group

Dr. Khalid Yacoub                                        

Mrs. Samia Omar                          
Founder and Board Secretary

Mr. Osama Daoud Abdellatif         
DAL Group Chairman

Mr. Hani Hassan                                             
GM - DAL Property Development Co Ltd and Fenti Golf

Mr. Ram Mallya                                     
Former Board Member

Mr. Fadil Banayoti                                           
Engineer / Former KICS Parent & Chair of Parents Association

Mr. Peter Round                                             
KICS Principal



Board Policy Manual