Living in Sudan

Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan, where the two Niles meet; is a confluence of Arab and African culture.  The main language spoken in Khartoum is Arabic, although other dialects and tribal languages are spoken.  

Khartoum is situated in the Northern part of the country and its weather can be characterized as very hot and dry.  There is a rainy season during the summer, when the humidity increases slightly.  Winter – if we can call it that – is during the months of November – March, during which time the weather can be very pleasant.  You will need to bring lightweight jackets for early morning and late evenings when the weather can be cooler.   Khartoum is also famous for its sandstorms or “haboubs”, which can be frequent particularly during the summer months.

Khartoum has some cultural entertainment, such as the Nuba wrestling and whirling dervishes dancing and is a friendly and safe city, where lasting friendships can be formed with locals and expatriates alike.

If you are the adventurous type and enjoy camping and deep sea diving, Sudan has a lot to offer; vast expanse of deserts and a comparatively virgin coral reef off the Red Sea coast.  Nile boat trips are particularly pleasing around sunset time.   

Khartoum is also only a few hours flight away to Nairobi, Dubai, Cairo and Addis.

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