Why Choose KICS?

So why should you choose KICS for your child's education?

You should choose KICS because there is no comparable school in Khartoum.

KICS combines the best international curriculum, that of the International Baccalaureate Organization, with the highest caliber national and international staff, excellent physical facilities on and off campus as well as one of the most wonderful student bodies any international school would aspire to have.

KICS students are engaged in learning and are very fortunate to have the opportunities to pursue and explore a wide range of activities in the areas of sports, music, and arts. KICS has a very broad Extra Curricular Activities Programme (ECAs), a lively music scene, and wonderful library services offered in both the Primary and Secondary Section Libraries. KICS also has the best on-campus facilities like swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, a football pitch, and a cafeteria as well as off-campus facilities for horse riding and sailing club activities.

Furthermore, members of the KICS community become much more active residents of Khartoum as a result of the opportunities the school offers to its students.

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