Education Technology

Developing Blended Learning Environments
At KICS, education technology is used throughout the school to promote the development of student learning opportunities.

In our blended learning environments, students can be seen using iPads, laptops, other mobile tools, and online digital resources as natural extensions of the classroom. Students interact with one another – both face to face and digitally – to build their knowledge by sharing work, asking questions, researching concepts, developing ideas, and expressing views. Technology is used to aid students in completing these actions so they can access more knowledge and make deep long lasting understandings.

Mobile Technology
To support this, KICS has developed an exemplary technology integration program. Professional development for teachers is provided in house, and assistance is provided for teachers to receive advanced PD outside of school.

KICS students and staff are provided with devices to enable them to engage:
- Students in Little KICS to Year 4 used shared sets of iPads.
- Students from Years 5 through 7 are provided with school issued iPads.
- Students in Years 8 to 13 are provided with school issued MacBooks.
- All teachers are provided with a MacBook.
- Other mobile tools, such as virtual headsets, wireless projectors, and smart phones, and sound systems are available.