What will KICS students see in music class? Middle years students will explore a wide variety of musical styles and experiences, ranging from percussion, to blues improvisation, to film scoring. Students develop their understanding of the Elements Of Music through learning experiences as a composer, performer, and appreciator of a selection of musical genres.  Y10-11 IGCSE students develop a firm grounding in music appreciation, history, theory, and world music’s, all while developing their skills as solo performers and composers.

The music department enters its 13th year of offering the Instrumental Tuition Programme (ITP) for all students, teachers, and parents who are interested in developing their performance skills on a concert band instrument, piano, guitar, strings, or voice. Lessons take place once a week for 30 minutes and are delivered by highly qualified instructors on each of those instruments.

KICS Silver and Bronze Bands
KICS students enrolled in ITP lessons for concert band instruments also have the opportunity to take part in our long-running Silver and Bronze Bands over the course of the academic year. In the past, these bands have performed around Khartoum and, in the Silver Band’s case, around the world! Performance experiences have included shows in Addis Ababa, Cairo, Uganda. Locally, the bands have entertained audiences at foreign embassies, at Ozone, among others, and regularly puts on larger-scale performances here at KICS.