Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education (ODE) program at KICS provides all students with the opportunity to push their boundaries in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Whether it is canoeing on the Nile, hiking in the desert or just spending the night away from home, we take students out of their comfort zones to broaden their learning experience.

Use of the outdoors creates well rounded IB learners by building skills that enable inquiry, risk-taking, open mindedness, reflectiveness and many more. This program provides an important contribution to physical and environmental education and enhances many areas of the curriculum. Overall, it contributes to personal growth, social awareness and develops their skills for life. Qualities such as a sense of responsibility and a purpose in life are nurtured through this experience.

The main aims of our ODE program here at KICS are to:

- Enhance personal and social development.

- Develop a relationship with nature

- Learn to overcome adversity.

- Build international mindedness among students

- Build independent outdoor survival skills

The ODE program starts  at year 3 with an introductory overnight trip in school, and is scaffolded each year by going to various locations and culminating in year 12 with a 10-day trip abroad. 

Overall, the ODE program extends and challenges every student, helping to promote leadership, strong values, resilience, and independence. It also provides wonderful opportunities to all students with authentic outdoor experiences where they come out of it with stronger bonds and lifelong memories, which is at the heart of our ODE program here at KICS.