Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Department’s (SSS) vision is to empower students to reach their full potential by enhancing their learning experience, and by contributing to their wellbeing. 

Special Education learning support (SEN)

Khartoum International Community School (KICS) is an inclusive school, welcoming learners with a range of cultural and educational backgrounds, languages, talents and abilities. The SSS Department works with teachers across the school in order to support a student-centred environment where each individual's learning potential is maximised, in the form of push-in sessions. Together with the teachers, we implement strategies to better support each student’s needs and cater for their neurodiversity: ASD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD and ADD. The SSS department also offers small groups and 1:1 specialised support. 

The SSS Department works in partnership with the student, parents and teachers to create a data driven support plan, tailored for specific needs. This Individual Education Plan (IEP) provides a structured, targeted, assessment-based program to support student achievement and will be regularly updated and modified, where necessary.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

As an international and community school, we welcome students from all over the world. KICS supports all students' English Language Development. We use the WIDA MODEL system to assess the students’ English Language abilities in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students who need Intensive English in Primary School will have special English classes incorporated into their timetable (SEAL programme). These students will have a support plan called SEALIP. 

The EAL Programme also gives support to students in the subjects (taught in English). Most of the students’ time will be spent in the mainstream classroom with their peers. EAL teachers work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that the educational needs of EAL students are met across the curriculum. EAL students will have an EALIP support plan

At KICS we strive to maintain the importance of the students’ first language and their cultural identity. The more consolidated the first language is, the better the student acquires other languages.

Learning Support

The SSS department also gives specific subject support as needed, providing push-in sessions inside the subjects or pull-out sessions for consolidation, in Maths, French, Literacy, etc. The department also offers support in the development of ATLs (Approaches to Learning), helping the students to develop organisational strategies and helping them to keep track of assignments and due dates.

The SSS department works closely with the school counsellors, in order to contribute towards a healthy, balanced environment where the SSS students feel safe and happy.