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Message from the Head of Secondary

The Secondary Section at KICS constitutes Years 7-13 (ages 11-18), or US Grades 6-12. 

The curriculum in Secondary is focused on a concept-based learning approach that meets the specific needs of individual students and allows topics and understanding to be explored in unique and engaging ways. We fully believe that students learn best when they are happy, enjoy their learning, and feel respected as individuals. We encourage students to take an active part in their own learning process, to set goals, to be independent learners, and to evaluate their own progress with guidance from the staff.

Students in Y7-Y11 will be studying the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP) which is a concept-based approach to learning which is challenging, engaging, and a thorough preparation for the Diploma Program taken later in their school journey. The program consists of eight subject choices, these become more specialized in years 10 & 11 where some option choices appear. They also partake in interdisciplinary learning between subjects, complete a thorough in-depth personal project and follow the IB’s service-based learning throughout. Please see the MYP section of the website for further detail. This is a world-class program and we are very excited about now being able to offer this.

There is also a comprehensive well-being curriculum that is planned specifically for the needs of students in KICS and delivered by our highly qualified counselors. This looks at the student as more than just a student and takes a holistic view and helps them with positioning themselves with KICS and the wider community, whilst also building soft skills essential for success.

We have a commitment to pastoral care through our Homeroom system and each student receives individual attention to ensure his/her well-being. We aim for students to feel valued, inspired, and motivated to achieve their full potential.

I hope this website provides you with a taste of the energy and excitement at our school. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit the school.


Andrew Lisle
Head of Secondary




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