KICS 24hr (On foot) Relay

Dear KICS Community,


A group of Year 12 CAS students are excited to invite you to the first KICS 24hr (On-Foot) Relay! The event will take place from 2:15pm, Wednesday 20th November – 2:15pm Thursday 21st November. Our aim is to raise funds and awareness for four causes that we are passionate about, while keeping a sash moving around the field for a full 24hrs.


The causes we are supporting include:

·      Support Staff Mammogram Project

·      Khartoum Local Schools Outreach

·      Darfur School Build

·      Winter Warmth Drive.


Participation is open to our whole community and participants are encouraged to bring along a cash donation of your choice and/or an item to add to our winter warmth bin.


Alongside the walk/run relay, we will also be including a Read-a-thon as part of book week (Thursday 8-2), a Sports Movie Marathon (for the overnighters) and a “How Far Did We Run” Raffle where participants can guess how many times the sash makes it around the field.


Please find the event poster attached and the sign up sheet is located here:


If you have any questions or would like to be involved in some other way than with your feet, please contact Danielle van Rooyen (


We look forward to seeing you all out on the field!


What a difference a day makes!


Year 12 CAS Relay Team