Year 8 ODE

We went to Sabaloka for this ODE trip. We camped for two nights and spent a day on a sandy river bank at the 6th cataract.

Here are the reactions of the year 8’s. . 

- It was an amazing trip and we overcame some of our fears and weaknesses.
- There were more good aspects than bad aspects on the trip.
- I just never really liked camping and getting dirty.
- It was really fun but the sand and the bugs were really annoying.
- It filled me up with joy and happiness.
- I loved it because we forgot about school and enjoyed the games.
- I liked the ODE trip a lot because I have learned a lot of stuff and the most annoying thing  was the thorns getting everywhere.
- Too many thorns to enjoy.
- I loved the stars at night and liked going some place new.
- It was my first ODE and I enjoyed it alot. The creative free time was really fun
- The creative free time was fun.
- I didn't like this ODE... I LOVED IT.
- It was so fun but I wanted a bit more activities and more time in the muuuuuud. 
- Everything was nice except for the thorns being everywhere.
- Some activities were not very fun and the food was not good. 
- Best experience I had.
- Give more free time, freedom to explore and wake up earlier.
- Amazing, fun and fresh.
- Fun and amazing.
- Hot, amazing, cold at night.
- Fun, Hot, Amazing.